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Chetwynd Christian Ministries: Pastor Lori Mickleson

Join our local Christian Ministries in Chetwynd for weekly services. Due to COVID-19 restrictions for public gatherings, CHET TV is partnering up with pastors to bring our viewers the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This show features Pastor Lori from the Northern Lights Christian Fellowship Church of the Nazarene.

Chetwynd Council Meeting: June 20 2022

The District of Chetwynd held its regular council meeting yesterday evening. The meeting began with a presentation of certificates to Chetwynd Volunteer Firefighters Chris Lirette and Jordan Walke. Alan Bone of Sander Rose Bone Grindle LLP then presented the 2021 consolidated financial statement. Net financial assets for the community went up by about a million dollars, but councilors were quick to point out that it did not mean the community now had extra money just sitting in a bank account to spend. Most other items in the meeting were passed or accepted, with some debate on the topic of solid waste collection. The meeting will be available for viewing on Chet TV.
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