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District of Chetwynd Coumcil Meeting: Nov 21, 2022

Items of note include the Mayor’s report. The Mayor spoke on the recent orientation for new and returning members of council and how informative and important it was to get that training. The council also discussed a request for more funds to be put towards the construction of the new library. Inflation has caused prices to increase and the district has asked council to contribute more funds to cover the current budgetary shortfall. The council agreed to discuss the item in budget 2023.

Chetwynd Christian Ministries: Advent Candle of Hope

Join our local Christian Ministries in Chetwynd for weekly services. Due to COVID-19 restrictions for public gatherings, CHET TV is partnering up with pastors to bring our viewers the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This show features Pastor Neil Peralta from the Peace Christian School and the Advent Candle of Hope.
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