• The Chetwynd Communications Society has reviewed The Licensed Charitable Gaming Rules.

    All Directors, Employees and Volunteers will review and sign that they are aware of and will be compliant.

    Under the Licensed Charitable Gaming Rules, representative board members will:

    Review and sign all contracts related to the Independent Bingo;

    Approve and sign the Gaming Event Revenue Report, which must be submitted within 90 days of the expiry of the gaming license; and

    Approve and sign the Gaming Account Summary Report.

    An appointed Board of Directors member will be the Bingo Manager and will designate duties to the Secretary Treasurer, the Assistant to the Manager, Employees and Volunteers.

    All games will be broadcast on community TV. The call letters are CHET-TV.  In addition, games will be streamed live on YouTube and Facebook.

    The Chetwynd Communications Society plans on commencing weekly Live TV Bingo Games on Thursday evenings commencing on January 7,2021 with the games to start at 7:00 pm.

    Introduction to the games with an explanation of the rules will start at 7:00 pm prior to the start of the games and a review of the vendors on community radio and community TV be given so viewers and listeners are aware of locations of sales.

    Cards will be color alternated as per the Paper Distribution Company in Richmond, BC. 1-800-663-1195 as approved by the GAMING POLICY AND ENFORCEMENT BRANCH (BCLC). The cards are 4 up and will include 5 colors – Purple, Lime Green, Grey, Orange, and Sky Blue.

    4-Up Cards are sold for $5.00 each and no discounts on cards. There are no additional prizes such as an automobile.

    We have purchased the correct software for the display board which is on a computer, the approved blower, the balls and the software for the operation of the games. Visually, the drawing of the numbers is the central component of BINGO and all viewers will see the full drawing of the numbers.

    An employee of the Chetwynd Communications Society will pick up cards from vendors in Chetwynd, Dawson Creek, Pouce Coupe, Tumbler Ridge, and Hudson's Hope.

    Vendors will count the cards that they receive upon delivery, they will sign for the number of cards sold from the past game and they will return cards which are not sold each week.

    At 4:00 pm on the day of the Bingo Game, a designated representative of the station will verify the amount of cash and unsold cards being picked up at the vendor and will return both to the CHET TV, headquarters. In the event of severe weather and/or poor road conditions, the vendor may be requested to shut down the sales by 3:00 pm and verify the number of sold cards and unsold cards by telephone or email, plus keep the cash on hand. A representative will be sent to the vendor as soon as weather/roads permit.

    In the case of a technical problems (i.e. TV signal is not responsive), the game is postponed to the following Thursday and all vendors are notified.

    Each vendor is aware that their outlet cannot sell to minors (under 19) and advertising both on CHET TV and Peace FM will address this very concisely. Sales outlets have requested that persons buying tickets show photo identifications.

    Posters are supplied to the vendors advertising the sale of Bingo Cards.

    Rules for advertising will be followed at all times with the GAMING POLICY AND ENFORCEMENT BRANCH (GPEB) caution against gambling on radio and TV.

    Bingo winners will deliver winning tickets, proper BC photo identification, sign for their winnings and be photographed.

    Cash prizes will be disbursed by the Secretary Treasurer or her designate.

    Funds from the sales of tickets and disbursements to winners will be verified by the Secretary Treasurer or her designate, or the General Manager or his designate. Records of deposits will be maintained by the Secretary Treasurer.

    All Bingos are combination games with four consecutive games – one line – two lines any way – large square (all around the outside) – and one full card. These are all played on one card, so with 4 up the game player actually plays four games at one time.

    The Chetwynd Community Society will start the first month with four prize money packets: $400 for Game One, $800 for Game Two, $1600 for Game Three and $4000 for Game Four.  Prize amounts may vary throughout the season at the discretion of the Board of Directors, may vary week to week.

    Proceeds from Bingo card sales will be used for:

    Improving the Community TV station (CHET-DT) and the Community Radio station (CHET-FM) studio infrastructure (i.e. flooring, sound proofing, wall treatments, etc.).

    Recording and producing local community events to be broadcast on CHET-DT and CHET-FM.

    Purchasing of new/replacement broadcast electronics for CHET-DT and CHET-FM (i.e. cameras, lenses, microphones, lighting, sound mixers, diagnostic tools, etc.).

    Software and hardware for editing and delivering program content on both CHET-DT and CHET-FM (i.e. personal computer hardware & software for video & audio production).

    Training volunteers from the community at large in all aspects of radio and television production.

    Salaries pertaining to individuals participating in the process of broadcasting on Chet TV.

    CHET-TV is on Bell and TELUS 655, the local terrestrial signal on channel 28.1, and on cable TV.

    Directors and employees of the Chetwynd Communications Society are not permitted to purchase cards, to play games, or to win funds.

    Players must telephone the published phone numbers to declare a Bingo.  Once all telephone calls have been completed, an additional ball timer (35-40 seconds) will elapse before moving to the next game (or closing the broadcast).  Any Bingos received after this additional ball timer period will be declared invalid.

    Prize Distribution will take place on days designated by the Board of Directors and may change as required, will be on the following Monday between 1pm – 3pm, or Tuesday when Statutory Holidays fall on the Monday.  Prize pickup is available ONLY at the Dawson Creek & Chetwynd Offices.

    Know your limit, play within it. 19+

    For Help: 1-888-795-6111 or


Know your limit, play within it. 19+
For Help: 1-888-795-6111 or