About Us

CHET-TV was founded in March 2000 when then Governor General Adrienne Clarkson cut the ribbon for the new studios.  CHET-TV began regular transmissions in August 2000. 

We pride ourselves on creating local, community-based content. We have a wide range of shows, ranging from sports events to documentaries to music concerts, so we can guarantee we have something for everyone! Some of the local favorites are Country Music Festival, Home Routes Concerts, Ice Carnival and of course, CHET TV Bingo. We thank everyone who have been loyal viewers of our channel since day one and we hope to continue to create quality content and provide the Peace Region with the best local events around! 


Want to watch CHET TV but don't have a television set? No worries! We post all of our shows on our official YouTube page (yes, this includes streaming CHET TV Bingo!).  


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